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About Wasiyatt

Wasiyatt is a venture by Beacon Wealth and Estate Planning Private Limited. Wasiyatt is a platform to help you record your financial engagements and create a will. Team Wasiyatt will help you to create an online will or give you the choice and expert advice on planning your succession and the will.

About Wasiyatt

" Many people take no care of their money till they come nearly to the end of it, and others do just the same with their time "

why choose us

Why choose us?

Wasiyatt has been created as a platform to help each one wanting to plan their estate and record their investments onto the platform in a Digital Repository. We are your one stop wealth Depositary.

A Depositary is a person to whom something is lodged in trust. Wasiyatt is a venture by the Beacon Group which also runs Beacon Trusteeship Limited which is a SEBI registered Debenture Trustee incorporated in 2015. Formed by a group of ex-bankers and professionals from a similar domain with a high amount of experience in the Trusteeship business, the team not only specializes in trustee- related solutions, but also offers comprehensive advisory as well.

About Will Creation

What is a Will?

What is a Will?

A Will is a document that you prepare so that your assets are distributed amongst your legal heirs as per your wishes and not as per the succession laws governing your religion.

What is Will Management?

What is Will Management?

To consolidate assets based on current needs as well as future. To avoid litigation and disputes, it is advisable that the will is written in clear, precise terms and the intension of the testator is mentioned with clarity of thought, precision and accuracy.

When to Start?

When to Start?

Once an adult reaches the age of 18 years he becomes accessible to the legal rights and privileges which are granted to an adult in our country. Therefore, any adult above 18 can start or have a will.

Our Registration Process


An Express Will is a quick instrument to ensure you have in place the minimum legally valid will as soon as possible. Many individuals  do not wish to mention full details about all the assets they own. This service is provided for times when a will is needed urgently and quickly when they do not want to wait for gathering their asset details from various sources.


The client needs to fill the details online through our will making platform and a legally drafted customized will is ready for them


For complicated wills or cases needing special attention, offline will is suggested . Though the entire consultation is done online, it is not through the form on our online platform. After taking complete details from the client, the will is drafted keeping all the legalities in mind


We will review your Will and if required add comments and suggestions. Further, we find you need to make some changes, we will let you know, and then you can decide what to do. If you proceed with a new Will the charge for our review will be deducted from the final cost.


Sometimes in certain cases of will making or Succession Planning, clients may require consultation from legal experts for complex issues. We have a team of experienced consultants in house and expert consultants empanelled with us to facilitate this


We provide safe custody of your signed Will and hold the possession of customers’ securities to reduce the possibility of theft or loss.

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COVID-19 has turned our world upside down. As they famously say, ‘Better late than never’. Perhaps it is time for some of us to start thinking on these lines, for the security, safety and protection of our loved ones, which have taken paramount importance in these troubled and dark times.

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Offline Will


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Will Custodianship

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Will?

A will is usually a written document which declares the manner in which a person would want his property distributed after his death.

Why should a person make a Will?

Making a will is important for multiple reasons. Not only does a will help you distribute your property according to your wishes, it also ensures that the interests of the people you care about is taken care of after your death. It helps avoid family disputes and protracted litigation.

How do I make a will?

There is no fixed format to make a will. It is sufficient if the document contains the manner in which you would want your property to be divided after your death. A will needs to be in writing, signed by the person making it and attested by at least two witnesses.

Do I need to pay stamp duty on my will?

There are no stamp duty requirement for executing a will.

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